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UNCOMMON PEOPLE by Francesco Tenaglia

In the year 1995, the Sheffield-born and London-based pop band Pulp conquered the UK charts with their first major hit after a struggle for notoriety that had lasted fifteen years: “Common People” was the story a rich art student that wanted to take a tour within the lifestyle of the working class (“I want to […]

ONLINE WILEY by Aliina Astrova

The two minute clip, ‘Ju ju man advert’, created and uploaded by the celebrated UK grime producer Wiley onto his official youtube channel in March, gained over 10,000 views in two months. Half of the screen is occupied by what seems to be a massive pencil drawing of Wiley’s face. He appears in the other […]

KALEIDOSCOPE MIXTAPE #1 by Francesco Tenaglia


A BOX OF GHOSTS by Francesco Tenaglia

  The UK based recording label Ghost Box has played a crucial role in helping keep alive a special breed of indie company. That breed could be characterized not only by a will to simply function as a quality check by selecting the best within hundreds of demos and maintain a recognizable genre consistency, but […]

TERRE THAEMLITZ by Francesco Tenaglia

A self defined non essentialist transgender, Terre Thaemlitz has been one of the most prominent figures in the electronic music scene (for the want of a better term) of the last 15 years: running his label Comatonse from Kawasaki, Japan, he has released records in styles ranging from  electroacoustic to deep house. Although I use the […]

BLACK METAL THEORY by Francesco Tenaglia

In its initial incarnation in the 90s, Norwegian Black Metal was a variant of heavy metal, which adopted an innovative style: blurred and misty layers of tremolo-ed guitars took the place of the, previously fashionable, rushing technical gymnastics on the instruments; a purist lo-fi recording approach was preferred to the “high-definition” production value of thrash […]


I CAN SEE JAPAN by Francesco Tenaglia

The Scottish, musician/performance artist/novelist Nicholas Currie aka Momus is primarily known for his disorienting blend of pop music, which is reminiscent of the French chanson, early 80s synth-pop, British neo-folk, musique concrete, and 8-bit videogames. One of the first music artists to embrace the capabilities of the internet, he maintained the now defunct, but still […]