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LOVE & DEATH: The difficulty of having once loved Woody Allen by Christopher Silva

  It’s hard to let go of one’s heroes. For a geeky teenager growing up in the 90s, contemporary society had little to offer in terms of role models. That is, with one exception: Woody Allen. For the wedgied and oppressed, the universe seemed a little fairer that a skinny kid with glasses and pipe-cleaner […]

THE FIGHTER by Christopher Silva

For as long as television and cinema have co-existed, academics and film-buffs have seen the former as the locus of cheap entertainment, while always clinging to the latter’s superior status as “the seventh art”. It is therefore humbling for a cinephile to witness a complete reversal where TV now offers complex psychology and narrative structure […]

ROTTERDAM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (January 26 – February 6, 2011) by Melinda Braathen

This year marked the International Film Festival Rotterdam’s (IFFR) fortieth anniversary. Instead of celebrating with red-carpet events—something that would be out of character for this avant-garde-leaning festival—IFFR launched XL, an extension to their already broad-reaching program, whereby they added forty extra locations replete with video and art installations, performances, and lectures. One might imagine that […]

JIA ZHANG-KE’S I WISH I KNEW by Christopher Silva

Watching a film about Shanghai’s explosive urban metamorphosis from a Paris movie theater is akin to watching daredevil trapeze artists risk their lives from an incredibly comfortable wheelchair. While they zip through the air with infinite energy and confidence, you enjoy cozy paralysis. Two cities could not be more different: Paris, stunningly beautiful, clinging to […]


Taking its name from a white, working class neighborhood in Northeast Baltimore, Putty Hill is the second film by ruggedly independent filmmaker Matt Porterfield. Although this latest effort shares some similarities with his first film, Hamilton, namely in terms of style (both films gorgeously shot by DP Jeremy Saulnier) and setting (Hamilton is also the […]