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IVO by Melissa Marotto

Physical theater artist, Ivo Dimchev (1976, BG), is a master performer – undeniably confident, inventive, operatic, charismatic, controversial and erotic.  Dimchev incorporates props in his work, sings, wears wigs and arranges the material in a transformative manner, like a radio tuning in and out of frequencies. In his latest work, “X-On”, he creates a vortex […]

Metamorphosis Amiss by Melissa Marotto

Jan Fabre (b. Antwerp, BE 1958) is a visual artist who has also made a big name for himself as a contemporary dance choreographer. Shown this summer at ImPulsTanz, Vienna International Dance Festival (AT), “Preparatio Mortis” (2010) was a visual spectacle, as one would expect given Fabre’s background.  Unfortunately, however, the dance vocabulary was common […]

MGM Grand interviewed by Chris Sharp

On the eve of their upcoming performance at Detroit’s Museum of Contemporary art, two of the founding members of the itinerant dance company, MGM Grand– short for Modern Garage Movement– Biba Bell and Jmy Leary were kind enough to discuss their recent outing at New York’s The Kitchen, the development of NUT, and the method […]

STORYTIME by Melissa Marotto

  Brought to us by the culturally and financially rich community of Belgium’s Flemish sector in Brussels, an audience gathered at KaaiStudios for “Angry Girl”.  Presented by WorkSpaceBrussels with text/performance/concept by Anneke Verstraete (BE, 1976), the story-telling performance was a combination of video, voice, and images.  Scenography by Sven Roofthooft offered a reading nook/workspace setting […]

LE CIRQUE by Melissa Marotto

It is time to talk about the circus.  It’s quite possible that you think circus still lies somewhere between Barnum and Bailey and Cirque du Soleil. As far as the tradition goes, there’s much that lies between, or better yet, outside that realm of circus altogether. More specifically, it is time to talk about contemporary […]

“UNDERSTANDABLE?” – An exploration of a dance technique by Melissa Marotto

Jozef Frucek (SK) and Linda Kapetenea (GR) are Rootless Root (2006) a contemporary dance company based in Athens, Greece. Aside from choreographers and performers, they are dance investigators and movement guides, delivering workshops across Europe in their unique style. Frucek’s background is one mixed with theater, martial arts and dance, whereas Kapetenea grew up as […]

DANCE = TIME + SPACE by Melissa Marotto

When the Swiss, Brussels-based choreographer Thomas Hauert (b.1967) started cie. ZOO 13 years ago he had a concept for a piece where dancers represented a shape moving in space. First he attached the dancers together with ropes to maintain their spatial relationship. When the exercise proved troublesome he placed stickers on the floor, each dancer […]

SWEAT LODGE VS. SAMWILL by Melissa Marotto

Tickets were torn and coats checked. One dancer hid in the bushes of Jozef Wouters’ organic scenography. Spectators climbed the two-tier erector set for a birds-eye view of the stage. Foam cushions were stacked to sit on, legs dangled over the edge, elbows rested on guardrails. On stage four dancers stood in place, torsos oscillating, […]


The French word répétition has a double meaning, for its use can imply repetition as well as rehearsal. Tino Sehgal’s two-day dance workshop which took place at the Royal Festival Hall on 26-27 November in the context of the Hayward Gallery’s recent exhibition Move: Choreographing You, seemed to evoke quite literally, a rehearsal of a […]


One of the most prolific choreographers of present day contemporary dance in Europe is Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker (b.1960). Her company ROSAS, made its debut in 1983 and in 1995 De Keersmaeker opened P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios) in Brussels, BE crystallizing her influence on dance for years to come. Although the school […]