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CODEX at LiveInYourHead, Geneva ( 07.10-28.10.11) by Estelle Nabeyrat

  Everything in the world exists to end up in a book. (1) Codex was an exhibition and a series of three public presentations that took place last October in the outdoor gallery of the Head Geneva (School of Art and Design, Geneva). Codex had both one and many objects and goals; the main one […]

Simon Starling The Inaccessible Poem, Fondazione Merz, Torino, by Martha Kirszenbaum

The Inaccessible Poem is an exhibition conceived by Turner-Prize winner British artist Simon Starling. It is Starling’s first initiative in Italy, taking place at Fondazione Merz in Turin, a 1930s industrial building housing the collection of works by one of Arte Povera’s major figures, Mario Merz. The institution regularly stages exhibitions based on the research and […]

IVO by Melissa Marotto

Physical theater artist, Ivo Dimchev (1976, BG), is a master performer – undeniably confident, inventive, operatic, charismatic, controversial and erotic.  Dimchev incorporates props in his work, sings, wears wigs and arranges the material in a transformative manner, like a radio tuning in and out of frequencies. In his latest work, “X-On”, he creates a vortex […]

MEDITAÇÃO, TRANSE at Galeria Mendes Wood, São Paulo (27.08-24.09.2011) by Marta Mestre

MEDITAÇÃO, TRANSE is a group show that has just opened in Mendes Wood, one of the most interesting young galleries of Jardins, a neighborhood of São Paulo. Founded in 2009 with a careful selection of artists– from the Brazilian Tunga to the Catalan Daniel Steegmann– Mendes Wood presents a program, which according to the gallerists, […]

IT’S KINDA MAGIC – Hextacy, with Anna Særnblom and Charlie Roberts (28.10 – 6.11 2011) by Geir Haraldseth

Halloween was just around the corner and Tidens Krav, one of the many artist-run spaces in Oslo, invited the good people of the city to Hextacy, an exhibition by Anna Særnblom and Charlie Roberts, two artists based in Oslo. The two have previously collaborated as members of Freedom, an alternative country outfit, and now as […]

JON RAFMAN interviewed by AIDS 3D (Daniel Keller and Nik Kosmas)

Aids3d: As an artist you’ve got a lot of different things going on. Do you think it’s important as an artist to have a seemingly cohesive body of work, or at least some kind of delineation between different sub-practices. Could you outline some structure that organizes your practice as a whole? Jon Rafman: What ties […]

Objective Confess at Golden Gallery, Chicago (23.09-5.11.2011) by Alaina Claire Feldman

This fall, Chicago’s Golden Gallery presents Objective Confess, the first solo exhibition by artist Anthea Behm. The works in this exhibition situate the historical relations of modern art and the modern museum, the conceptual vicissitudes of art history and visual studies, oppositions of high and low, elite and popular and the recent controversies of intellectual property somewhere […]

UNCOMMON PEOPLE by Francesco Tenaglia

In the year 1995, the Sheffield-born and London-based pop band Pulp conquered the UK charts with their first major hit after a struggle for notoriety that had lasted fifteen years: “Common People” was the story a rich art student that wanted to take a tour within the lifestyle of the working class (“I want to […]

All I Can See is the Management at Gasworks, London (7.10 – 11.12.2011) by Anja Isabel Schneider

All I Can See is the Management, Gaswork’s current exhibition brings together works that explore the concerns of labor politics from the 1970s until today. In addition, the show underlines the continuously fading boundaries between life and work, as poignantly illustrated in the September issue of last year’s Texte zur Kunst. ‘Life at work’ takes […]

Metamorphosis Amiss by Melissa Marotto

Jan Fabre (b. Antwerp, BE 1958) is a visual artist who has also made a big name for himself as a contemporary dance choreographer. Shown this summer at ImPulsTanz, Vienna International Dance Festival (AT), “Preparatio Mortis” (2010) was a visual spectacle, as one would expect given Fabre’s background.  Unfortunately, however, the dance vocabulary was common […]

CARNET DE VOYAGE – FROM ISTANBUL TO BEIRUT September 2011, by Margarida Mendes

When arriving to Istanbul I was immediately overcome by the city’s endlessly layered soundscapes, its mixture of prayer calls with fun park synth sounds, and its faded golden turquoise glowing light. One can only react with awe to the intensity that this city, which exists on the border of Europe and Asia, has to offer. […]

CURATING FOR EXAMPLE On radio and transient curatorial practice in Colombia, Morocco and elsewhere. by Natalia Valencia

  Sitting in an improvised radio station in a modernist apartment in Medellín this past August, Colombian curator Juan A. Gaitán, Moroccan curator Abdellah Karroum and myself started a conversation that was recorded with an unfit microphone, an omnidirectional device that captured every sound in the room, instead of just our voices. The curators had […]

Some activities at Hard Hat: A HR Giger show, a Stephen O’Malley concert and new members. by Jeanne Graff

  1971: Giger’s exhibition is held at Bruno Bishofsberger in Zürich. 1979: Ridley Scott’s Alien is released worldwide. Since then: 1.3 teenager out of 7 has a HR Giger Poster in his bedroom.  Posters, films, photos, sculptures and all kinds of gadgets: HR Giger is the most pop, and certainly the most famous of all […]

Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial) by Fatima Hellberg

Titles have a stubborn tendency to stick, which is why the desire to call yourself something different is so interesting. A term that increasingly has entered curatorial jargon is that of ‘exhibition maker’. To ‘make’ rather than curate a show seems to hint at a more embodied relationship with labor, even a sense of craft […]


In The Screwball Asses—an essay originally published anonymously in Félix Guattari’s Recherches in 1973 and reprinted by Semiotext(e) in 2006—Guy Hocquenghem criticizes the gay liberation movement for answering “oppression in the terms of oppression,” the repressed group’s search for acceptance consequently resulting in the fall of the Leftist principles and the eventual conformation to the […]


E-flux’s new book, Are You Working Too Much? Post-Fordism, Precarity, and the Labor of Art, is a collection of texts from their online and print journal that have, over the past year, dealt with the subject of art as work and art-related workers in the post-Fordist economy.

CONTINUUM_THE PERCEPTION ZONE Curated by Maria Arusoo at Tallinn Art Hall (25.08—2.10.2011) by Aliina Astrova

In the context of the post-Duchampian condition identified by the lack of “‘ontological’ difference between making art and displaying art”, Boris Groys defines the role of the curator as a mediator between the public space and the work of art (Politics of Installation, 2010). For him, the word “curate” is “etymologically related to ‘cure’: to […]

Alicia Frankovich in conversation with Eleanor Weber

  Having experienced artist Alicia Frankovich’s work live for the first time at her Undisciplined Bodies event at Salon Populaire, Berlin, on 18 May 2011, I later spoke with the New Zealand-born, Berlin-based artist about the ideas behind and around both the event itself and her practice more broadly. We moved from a discussion of […]

THE CONSTITUTION OF THE DAMNED at Landings Project Space (Arena), Curated by Fatima Hellberg and Bárbara Rodríguez Muñoz at Vestfossen (31.07.-28.08.2011) by Gerd Elise Mørland

Performed (dis)organisation as running force Using the comprehensive archive of self-organized initiatives and manifestos put together by for Manifesta 8 in Murcia last year, the two London-based curators Fatima Hellberg and Bárbara Rodríguez Muñoz have created an admirably well-curated exhibition that discusses the importance of performativity and irrationality in such initiatives.

Honza Zamojski Me, Myself and I at Galeria Leto and Bookie at Piktogram Warsaw by Martha Kirszenbaum

  Honza Zamojski’s solo exhibition Me, Myself and I and his curated book-installation Bookie is constituted by a two-part project presented at Leto Gallery and in the office of Piktogram Magazine. Both institutions share a recently opened space inside a renovated industrial building nicknamed “Soho Factory” and are located in the Warsaw neighborhood of Praga. […]